Lancaster County Midget Baseball

Rules Addendum 2023

These rules are listed as an on-field reference to league rules. Every coach should be familiar with the league by-laws and their more-detailed descriptions of some playing rules and other team requirements. (See by-laws for more complete description.) The league rules below supercede the National Federation rules book

1-3-1 Baseballs to have National Federation seal. Wilson 1010 and any ball approved by the PIAA is permissible with or without seal.

1-4-4 Manufacturer's logo/trademark No league rule, especially in respect to sponsor names, but they should be done in good taste.

2-33-1 Courtesy runners as presented under suggested speed-up rules.

3-1-4 Extra hitter permitted. (3-2-1). Teams may bat 10 players and play any 9 of them in the field. The lineup used to start the game must be used throughout. The extra hitter may be used with or without a designated hitter in the lineup.

3-2-1 Coaches required to wear uniforms Not required, but coaches are encouraged to wear a team jersey and cap.

3-2-1 A base coach who is not a rostered player must be at least age 18. A non-adult must wear a NOCSAE-approved helmet with ear flaps. An adult may wear a protective helmet with or without ear flaps, but is not required to do so.

4-1-3 Coaches must provide a Batting Order Sheet to the Plate Umpire and Opposing Coach. Umpires will enforce substitution rules.

4-2-2 Tie game. A game of five innings or more in which the teams have the same score after equal at-bats shall be recorded as a tie game. Extra innings will be played as long as daylight or weather permits likely completion of each new inning.

4-2-2 10-run rule adopted as listed. A 15-run rule will apply after 2 1/2 innings if the visiting team is behind or after 3 innings for either team provided both teams have an equal number of times at bat.

4-2-4 Suspended game. A game that does not meet the requirements in 4-2-3 will be suspended and resumed from the point of interuption. A game also will be suspended if it has gone more than 5 innings, the visiting team has come from behind to take the lead and the home team has not retaken the lead and has not completed its turn at bat in the inning. Minimum necessary lineup adjustments are allowed when a suspended game is resumed.

4-4-1f Injuries. If during a game a team becomes short of players because of injury after all reserve players have been used, the opposing manager/coach will select a player from the bench who has been substituted for to replace the injured player. If the shortage is because of ejection or departure of a player, the team must play short-handed or forfeit the game if it cannot field 8 players.

4-5-1 Protests are permitted as spelled out in the league by-laws. Pitching restrictions under 6-1-6 will be enforced by allowing an opposing coach to protest the game within 48 hours. Legion innings will count.

6-1-6 Innings pitched. PIAA pitching restrictions will apply:
76-105 pitches thrown requires 3 calendar days of rest.
51-75 pitches thrown requires 2 calendar days of rest.
26-50 pitches thrown requires 1 calendar day of rest.
1-25 pitches thrown no rest is required.
If a pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count permitted in a calendar day during an at bat, that pitcher will be permitted to continue to pitch to that batter, or any substitute for that batter, until such batter is put out or reaches first base, or until a third out has been made prior to the end of that at bat.
No pitcher may appear in more than two consecutive days of competition.
The maximum pitch limitation is 210 pitches in a calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). If a pitcher is permitted to throw more than 105 pitches to complete an at-bat, that pitcher will be credited with 105 pitches for the appearance.
Scorekeepers are requested to frequently confer with one another to confirm pitch counts (no less than once per inning). If a discrepancy occurs between the visiting and home pitch counts that cannot be resolved, the scorebook of the home team shall be the official book.

An ejected player or coach shall be disqualified from participating for the remainder of the day and in the next contest at the same level. A coach or player ejected from the last contest of the season may not participate in the first game of the next season.

A sportsmanship message shall be read to the head coach and all captains before the game. League umpires are encouraged to provide a condensed form of this message.

Reporting scores

Winning manager must report score to the LNP by email to LNP Sports at each night by 10 p.m. He must provide the League Name Lanco Midget 17U Baseball with correct name of both teams. Also Contact League Coordinator Ken Gerber by Text to 717-725-4255 or Email to

Reporting rainouts

All league games that cannot be played on the scheduled date must be reported to the division VP for help in rescheduling the game. Any postponed game not reported within 48 hours will result in a double forfeit unless the division VP agrees to accept the score of the game when played. Do not overuse your VP's understanding.

Postponed Games

A } A Game Postponed by Weather or Unacceptable Playing Conditions should be Rescheduled to the Next Day Example ( Game Rained Out On Tuesday that Game Should be Rescheduled to the Next Day (Wednesday).
B } A Game Postponed due to Scholastic Playoffs Should be Rescheduled On the First Open Date Available Once the Team Involved in the Scholastic Playoff Begins League Play.
C ) A Game is Postponed due to Other Scholastic Activities should be Rescheduled to the Next Day Example (Game Postponed Tuesday that Game Should be Rescheduled to the Next Day (Wednesday)).
Games In Need of Rescheduling Must be Rescheduled within a Week of Postponement.

Key contacts with phone numbers and e-mail
President             Bill Weismandel       717-587-3448                
Coordinator        Ken Gerber               717-725-4255                
Umpires               Tom McDonald           717-299-7228                


Managers must provide a lineup card with at least jersey number and last name of all players and substitutes.

Home team must give up field at 5:40 p.m. Visiting team must finish warm-ups by 5:55. Forfeit time is 6:20.

Managers are expected to report ejections against either team to the division VP by the morning after the game.

Summer meeting

Monday, July 29, 4:45 p.m., Clipper Magazine Stadium