Lancaster County Midget Baseball

Amended May 8, 2019
Section I Name and Purpose

1.01 The organization shall be known as the Lancaster County Midget 17U Baseball League.

1.02 The purposes for which the association is formed are: To advance the social and physical improvement of the minds and bodies of young men and women to play baseball in Lancaster County. To provide supervised programs that emphasize good sportsmanship as well as teaching the fundamentals of the game.

Section II Membership

2.01 The association shall consist of as many teams as apply for and meet the criteria of membership.

2.02 A team that has not fully complied with association requirements in the previous season may be placed on probationary membership at the discretion of the executive board. Such team will be required to pay double the association fee to participate. If the team meets all association requirements, it will be returned to regular membership and will be given a credit toward the following year's fee. If it fails to comply with association rules in the probationary year, it may be suspended.

2.03 All-Star teams are not permitted to be members of the association. Each team shall consist of a majority of players who reside in the community that sponsors the team. Players may be released from one team to another prior to the start of each season, but the reasons must be explained to the board if there is any question. Association teams should consist of players who reside within one school district, with any exceptions to be approved by the association.

2.04 The executive board shall establish the annual participation fee at the first meeting of each year. Each team is required to pay the fee to the Coordinator/Treasurer when each league membership is finalized. The Coordinator/Treasurer may grant a grace period of no more than 7 days, after which the team will be dropped from the schedule if the fee remains unpaid. In the event a team must withdraw after the fee is paid, the fee is forfeited to the association.

2.05 Each team is responsible for providing insurance coverage for the players and coaches.

2.06 The organization will be divided into a National Section (Varsity) and American Section (JV). The executive board will decide whether the number of National Section teams is appropriate and may make necessary adjustments by allowing teams to play up or down. For purposes of this rule Crusaders will be considered to represent Lancaster Catholic.

2.07 The National Section may be split into two or three divisions based on size of school district. Teams will be permitted to swap divisions based on their perceived strength for each particular season only if a team in the other division wishes to do so and the league membership accepts the switch. Such changes will apply only for that season, and each team will be placed in the appropriate division entering the organizational meeting for the following year.

2.08 The American Section divisions may be determined by strength or location based on a majority vote of the league teams.

2.09 At the first association meeting, the president will announce the dates for finalizing league and division alignments and any team not represented at the appropriate meeting may be assigned to a different division without its consent.

Section III Board of Directors and Meetings

3.01 The business and affairs of the association shall be managed by a board of directors consisting of one representative from each organization.

3.02 A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall be required to constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business.

3.03 The elected executive officers of the association shall be: President, up to three Vice Presidents, who will be the primary officers of each division, and Coordinator/Treasurer. A slate of candidates for the executive offices will be circulated among currently listed representatives at least 10 days before the first scheduled meeting of the year and elections will be held at the first meeting after additional nominees are accepted. Each executive officer's term is one year.

3.04 The President shall be responsible for scheduling and conducting association meetings, and after the membership has approved the meeting schedule for the year, he may call special meetings as required. When possible a one-week notice will be provided.

3.05 Each Vice President shall have primary authority for conducting the operations of his division. The Coordinator/Treasurer will have authority for a fourth division, and if there are more the president may be assigned responsibility for a division or an officer or officers may double up. On any affairs of a section or division, each member team shall have one vote.

3.06 Every organization is expected to have a representative at all association meetings. Continued failure to attend could result in termination of membership for the offending organization. Penalty for failure to attend any meeting will be $50 and the organization will not be permitted to participate until the penalty is paid. The penalty will be $50 per person for any meeting that requires a representative of each team to be present.

Section IV Board of Arbitration and Protests

4.01 A Board of Arbitration, consisting of the Executive Officers will make decisions on any protest or other infraction that needs to be settled in order to keep the association in operation. If one of the Vice Presidents has an interest in the dispute, he may not vote. If the other two Vice Presidents split, the President will break the tie. If the President has an interest in the dispute, the Coordinator/Treasurer will break the tie.

4.02 Umpires' decisions shall be considered final, unless it can be proved that a rule has been misinterpreted. From this point the game can be continued under protest by one or both teams after notice of such protest has been given to the umpires of the alleged misinterpretation.

4.03 Written notice of all protests must be made to the association President within 48 hours after the game is completed. Managers/coaches who file a written protest must include a $25 fee. If the protest is allowed, the money will be returned to the protesting team. If the protest is denied, the money will be deposited into the association account by the Coordinator/Treasurer.

4.04 Once a game has been officially placed under protest, it must be followed through by the protesting team or that team will be fined $25 by the association President. If the protest is withdrawn before any legal action is taken, the umpires must be notified immediately after completion of the game and the announcement must be made by the umpire of the withdrawal to the opposing team.

Section V Eligibility

5.01 Any player who becomes 18 years of age before May 1 of the current season or currently is in 12th grade is ineligible to play.

5.02 Any player whose name appears on more that one roster cannot play with any team until a written release is filed with the association Coordinator/Treasurer by the team that has the territorial rights to that player under the association's boundaries guidelines. That release must be secured by the recruiting team.

5.03 Players must commit themselves to the team of the community they live in and within the approved boundaries of that community, unless they request and receive a written release from the present year active coach of that team.

5.04 All players must reside at a residence served by a Lancaster County Post Office or attend a Lancaster County High School. Exception would be Octorara Chester County that has Joined the Lancaster Lebanon League.

5.05 Any player who has properly been on a roster in a previous season, regardless of the address which they now reside, must play for the organization they previously were assigned to until that team provides that player a written release that is submitted to the association Coordinator/Treasurer.

5.06 A player may be rostered on an American Legion team, with each local organization being responsible for determining a dual-rostered player's role with each team.

Section VI Boundaries

6.01 Each organization in the association shall have a specific geographic zone or area from which they may draw, sign, recruit and use players. Accordingly each team and team manager/coach shall be subject to these provisions.

6.02 Residential eligibility shall be determined as of the date rosters are due.

6.03 Residence shall be the current home address of the player.

6.04 The executive officers and all participating teams will be given a copy of the current established boundaries that have been assigned to each team.

6.05 Each team will be permitted to draw, sign, recruit and use players from within these boundaries. In the event a team wishes to draw, sign, recruit or use a player who lives outside their boundaries, that player's manager/coach must secure and forward a written release to the Coordinator/Treasurer. Players who reside in areas not covered by the official boundaries shall apply to play for the team that is the closest geographically to the residence of the player in question.

6.06 Any player who would like to participate and who is unable to earn a place on the team in their geographical zone/area and is refused a release to play for another team by his manager/coach, may appeal in person or with his parents or guardian to the association for consideration to play for a team outside of his own geographical zone/area. A hearing will be scheduled by the President to be held within 5 days after the filing of the appeal. Any managers/coaches affected by the appeal may participate in the deliberations of the meeting but may not vote on a decision to settle the issue.

6.07 Any manager/coach of a team, as well as any member of the board of directors may file a complaint against another team, manager/coach for violations of rules and regulations set forth in these by-laws. A written complaint in triplicate stating the nature of the violation must be filed with the Coordinator/Treasurer. Within 24 hours after receiving the complaint the Coordinator/Treasurer shall deliver one copy to the team manager/coach who is charged with the violation and one copy to the President, the third copy will be filed with the association records. The President will arrange a special meeting to be held within 5 days after receipt of the complaint. At this meeting the complainant will be asked to show proof of his allegations and the accused manager/coach will be given a chance to respond to the charges. Both sides may present witnesses for their case. After hearing the arguments of both sides the members of the board of directors will vote whether the charge should be sustained. The complainant and the defending manager/coach are not eligible to vote. The decision of the association shall be by majority vote of those present and able to vote. If the complaint is upheld, the upholding of such complaint shall specify the type of punishment to be enacted toward the individuals found guilty of the violation which may be one of the following:

A } A reprimand coupled with a demand that the practice be discontinued.
B } Forfeiture of games affected by the violation.
C } Immediate expulsion of the team from the association.
D } Expelling the manager/coach but allowing the team to continue in the association if a new manager/coach is procured and the offending players are removed from the roster.

Section VII Rosters

7.01 Each team manager -- or an assistant designated before the meeting -- must attend a rules review meeting prior to the start of the season. If he misses the meeting, he must pay a $50 penalty all scheduled games will be forfeited until he makes arrangements to meet with an association officer to go over the rules with such a meeting taking place at the convenience of the association officer. The umpire assigner will be urged to attend one of these meetings and all umpires will be requested to attend.

7.02 Each team is required to submit field directions and its roster Electronically via email using the League Form File (excel spreadsheet) prior to annual roster turn-in meeting prior to the start of the regular season.

7.03 Should any team fail to submit the required rosters prior to the start of the regular season any games that are played will be forfeited until each team and the association has received a copy of the roster.

7.04 The official team roster must be submitted on the official roster form and contain the following information:

A } Player's Name
B } Player's Current Address
C } Player's Date of Birth

7.05 Each team roster must contain at least 12 players, unless approved by the executive board before the roster turn-in meeting. These may include Legion and 14U players.

7.06 There is no maximum limit on the number of players on a roster. League officers may announce procedures each year for tournaments that impose roster limits. Teams that participate in the LNP Tournament must submit their roster to the Coordinator/Treasurer who will present it to LNP Tournament officials.

7.07 Additional players may be added to a team's roster by calling the section/division officer and providing the information in Article 7.03 until the date that the rosters are closed. The section/division officer will be responsible for passing the addition on to the Coordinator/Treasurer, President and other members of the team's section.

7.08 No player may be moved from one team to another after July 4.

7.09 A player on a American Section roster or another team serving players no older than 14 in the same organization may play on the corresponding National Section team as long as it doesn't force the other team to forfeit. Such moves are permissible only with approval of the other team's manager and only if fewer than 10 rostered School League players are available. When such a player is called up, the manager must provide a copy of the official roster for the player's team showing all of the required information for the substituting player. No player rostered on a School League team may play in the Community League.

7.10 The executive board will set a date each year when playoff rosters become final. Players who have never been rostered on any team above the midget level may be added to the roster after this date to participate in regular-season games, but will be ineligible for the post-season, including the LNP Tournament.

Section VIII Schedules, Awards and Champions

8.01 Each section schedule will be arranged by the Coordinator/Treasurer and approved for each section will become official in 14 days unlless an organization files a written request for changes. All games must be played. Any team that does not complete its schedule will be subject to disciplinary action, $50 per game fine and possible expulsion.

8.02 Any team that forfeits a game before the first pitch is thrown may be fined by the executive board up to the amount of twice the umpire fee. This fine will be used first to cover any umpire fees paid by the opposing team and any remainder will be added to the association treasury. A game forfeiture may result in playoff seeding penalties.

8.03 The association has arranged for the scheduling of all umpires. A portion of each team participation fee is designated toward payment to an independent person who will solicit and schedule all of the umpires required for the entire season to include playoff games. Umpires for all postponed games will be scheduled through this person.

8.04 All games that cannot be played on the scheduled date must be reported to the officer in charge of the division. The officer will reschedule the game for the first date acceptable to both teams. This date can be before the regular date, but in no circumstances should it be more than 15 days after the original date. Any postponed game not reported to the section/division officer within 48 hours will result in a double forfeit.

8.05 Acceptable reasons for postponements include inclement weather, unsafe playing conditions, scheduled school activities, field availability conflicts or inability to field a competitive team because the organization's high school team is in district or state playoffs. All postponements must be approved by the section/division officer.

8.06 Inability of a team to play because any number of its players are on vacation or are participating on another sports team other than the high school varsity baseball team is not an acceptable reason for postponement and the game will be forfeited.
8.07 When an organization's high school team advances in district or state playoffs, each game postponed should be rescheduled when postponed for the first date available after the date of the state championship final. A team will be granted a 3-day grace period for playing its schedule once its team is eliminated from high school play.
8.08 Each league season may include league championship tournaments. The executive board will present a playoff format at the first meeting of each season. Unless rejected by the membership, such playoff format will become official.

8.09 Any ties that determine a division championship and any ties that determine whether a team qualifies for post-season play will be determined on the field with a one-game playoff scheduled by the section/division officer. Any ties that only determine tournament seeding will be determined by the following tie-breakers. These same tie-breakers will be used when seeding teams for multiple playoff games when more than two teams are tied.

A} Head-to-head among all tied teams
B} Record vs. the division if all teams are in the same division
C} Runs differential in games among the tied teams (last game only considered when some but not all teams played twice).
D} Coin toss

8.10 Any tie-breaker games will not count in division standings nor in determining playoff seeding or qualifying.

8.11 The executive board will announce a playoff schedule near the end of the regular season. The officers may receive input from any person before announcing pairings, but once announced they will be final with no appeal allowed except in extraordinary circumstances.

8.12 Any player who has not participated in at least half of the league games (7 during the 13-game 2024 season) will not be eligible to compete in the playoffs without approval of the executive board. Upon application, managers will be given approval to use bona-bide bench players they simply were unable to get into five games.

8.13 In all section tournaments, preliminary rounds will be one-game only, but the final will be a best-of-three series with the higher seeded team at home for games one and three. The association will pay for the umpires in each championship final.

8.14 Any team that is unable to complete the entire playoff schedule must withdraw from the section tournament. Any team forced to forfeit a tournament game must pay $100 to the association treasury. Any team that withdraws from the tournament or who must forfeit a game after the first round will be replaced -- if time allows -- by either the next team in the standings or by the last team it defeated in the tournament.

8.15 National Section playoff games will be scheduled on the same nights as the regular league games, but American Section games may be scheduled on other nights if required to obtain umpires or any other reason. Each section/division officer is authorized to accelerate the schedule if needed because of postponements, multiple tie-breaker games or any other reason approved by the executive board.

8.16 Any postponed playoff games will be played the next night.

8.17 T-shirts will be awarded to the players and manager/coach of each Divisional Championship Team. Team trophies will be presented to the manager/coach of the team that wins each section championship.

Section IX LNP Tournament

9.01 Under agreement with the LNP Tournament, the association will decide the method for determining its qualifiers for the tournament. In seasons when the association has 20 or more teams it will qualify 8 teams. In seasons when it has fewer than 20 teams it will qualify 4 teams.

9.02 The playoff schedule listed in 8.06 will list the teams the associations will send to the LNP Tournament.

Section X League All-Stars

10.01 The executive board, with input from the membership, will decide each season if an All-Star game or games will be held. With or without a game, each league will select an all-star team, whose members will receive a certificate and recognition in the media and elsewhere.

10.02 The President will announce a procedure for selection of all-stars and any restrictions on nominations or voting.

Section XI League Games

11.01 All games will begin at 6 p.m. unless a team elects to schedule a night game under the lights.

11.02 The home team must complete its pre-game practice by 5:40 p.m. At that time the visiting team has the field until 5:55 p.m. Any manager/coach who fails to have his team ready to play by 6:20 p.m. shall forfeit the game to the opposing team. If neither manager/coach can field a team it will be a double-forfeit with a loss for both teams.

11.03 In cases when games have to be postponed due to inclement weather the home team manager/coach should contact the umpires and the visiting team manager/coach as soon as possible.

11.04 Teams with lighted fields may not use those lights to finish any twilight game unless they use them to finish all games in their schedule for that season, unless there is light failure. Local curfews will be observed, but they must be discussed with the umpires and opposing coach before the game.

11.05 A game called before it becomes regulation will be suspended and picked up from where play was terminated. A game also will be suspended if it has gone more than 5 innings, the visiting team has come from behind to take the lead and the home team has not retaken the lead and has not completed its turn at bat in the inning. All other situations will follow NFHS rule 4-2-3.

11.06 A suspended game will resume with the existing lineup from the time of suspension, but if a team has adequate players but not the proper players to continue, the manager/coach may make the minimum adjustments needed to complete the game. If there is any dispute over what constitutes "minimum adjustments," the opposing manager will have the final say.

11.07 Games that are called with the score tied after at least five full innings have been played will be a tie game. Each league will use a point system that is as follows:

Win = 2 Points
Tie = 1 Point
The point totals determine a team's rankings in the league standings.

11.08 The home team is responsible to have the field in top playing condition to include foul lines and proper preparation of the pitching mound and the batters boxes, providing at least two new and two qood-quality used balls to be used in the game. The plate umpire will have authority to settle any disputes over the playing surface and to order the home team to make any adjustments to make the playing field safe.

11.09 Two umpires are assigned by the umpiring coordinator for each league game. In the event that only one umpire arrives to officiate a game that umpire is entitled to a 1 1/2 fee. If a game is not completed and has not become official, the umpires are to receive a half fee. Each team is required to pay one umpire.

11.10 The winning team is responsible to report the score of the game to the Intelligencer-Journal sports desk at 291-8666 or 1 (800) 809-4666 ext. 8666 each night by 10 p.m. He must provide the league name, section or division and correct name of both teams. If the game runs late and he cannot call by 10 p.m. he should call the next evening. If the score is not reported to the vice president, either by publication in the newspaper or directly, within 48 hours, the game may be ruled a double forfeit.

11.11 Each section/division officer will be responsible for obtaining all scores and disciplining coaches who do not accurately report scores. He also will compile section standings and submit them weekly to the President & Coordinator/Treasurer, who will have them published frequently in the newspaper.

11.12 Each section/division officer has authority to reverse any double forfeit recorded under Sections 8.04 and 11.10 when a new date or official score is reported within what he considers a reasonable time.

11.13 All manager/coaches must monitor the innings pitched of his team's pitchers and the opponent's pitchers. Any pitcher who exceeds the permitted innings under PIAA rules becomes an ineligible player in the game he surpasses the limit, and the opposing manager may protest through the procedure outlined in Section IV. No notice is required at the game site, but such protest must be filed within 48 hours. Innings pitched in a Legion game will count toward the limit. Innings pitched in a protested game will count toward the pitcher's availability in subsequent games.

Section XII Game Rules, Regulations and Expectations

12.01 The association will use high school rules from the current season. These rules will consist of those of the National Federation of State High School Associations and additions and exceptions approved by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.

12.02 The association will permit use of an Extra Hitter in a lineup. This batter may be placed into any slot in the line-up but he must remain in that slot throughout the game. He may substitute for a player in the field, in which case the player substituted for will be considered the Extra Hitter. The Extra Hitter, which must remain throughout the game if used, may be used with or without a Designated Hitter as permitted in high school rules.

12.03 The President will issue a list of high school rules each league will not follow each season by the roster turn-in meeting. He also will provide a list of association-accepted PIAA rules not included in the NFHS rulebook. These documents will become an official part of these by-laws as an addendum.

12.04 The Wilson 1010 as well as any other ball approved by the PIAA will be permissible for league games.

12.05 Teams may complete a game with 8 players with an out recorded any time a missing player is due to bat, as per high school rules. However, if the shortage is due to an injury after a team has used all of its reserve players, the opposing manager/coach will select a player from the bench who has been substituted for to replace the injured player. {A notation should be placed in the scorebook to reflect the situation.} If the shortage is due to an ejection or departure of a player, the team must play short-handed or forfeit the game if it can not field 8 players.

12.06 The manager/coach of an ejected player or coach is required to inform the section/division officer of any player or other team personnel ejected from a league game and of the team next on that team's schedule. The section/division officer will contact the manager/coach of the team that is next on the schedule to inform him of the ineligible player or coach. Use of an ineligible player or coach will result in the game being forfeited. In the case of a coach or other team attendant, he may not participate in pre-game warm-ups at the game site or have any other contact with the team until after the game.

12.07 The use of tobacco products is prohibited for managers, coaches, players at games, on benches and in dugouts. This is to include scorekeepers.

12.08 All managers/coaches, assistant coaches, players, other team personnel and fans are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and respectable manner. Profanity and wild displays of anger are not to be accepted. The association takes pride in how it has been conducted and will not tolerate any type of behavior that is detrimental to the game. Sportsmanship has been and will always be a distinguishing trait of all individuals who are involved in league games. Any violations of this provision will be dealt with by the executive officers, who will determine the appropriate punishment, up to and including expulsion from the association.

Section XIII Amending the by-laws

13.01 All by-law amendments must be submitted in writing to the Coordinator/Treasurer at least 14 days before a scheduled meeting for distribution to the listed representatives at least 10 days before the meeting and shall be voted upon at the meeting.

13.02 The by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the voting members present.

13.03 The by-laws may not be changed after the last preseason meeting through the end of the season.